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Custom Fireplace Design with you in mind

We provide our clients with a vast selection of vented, direct vent, and vent free gas fireplaces suitable for anyone’s style. Varying from traditional, square fireplaces with oak log sets and brick pattern panels, or more contemporary, linear style fireplaces that can be found in sizes ranging from 18” all the way to 9 feet wide. Among these styles, there are endless style options and heat capacity options. Some of them produce a tremendous amount of heat, some a moderate amount of heat, and some don’t produce heat at all and are specifically designed to do nothing but create a beautiful ambiance. Our job is to talk to you and ask the questions necessary to use that information and provide you with the options that are going to be best suited for your home. 

Gas Log Systems

For burning in a fireplace with an open flue

Direct Vent Fireplaces & Inserts

The best combination of efficiency and appearance

Vent Free Fireplaces

Efficient and economical way to add more heat to your home without the costs associated with a typical fireplace installation.

Wood Burning Fireplaces

For the classic look and experience

Let us help you

Find The Right Fireplace

For your home

Venting Options

Logs Burning

Gas Log Sets are usually divided into three categories, Direct Vent, Vented, and Vent Free. Each venting option has its pros and cons. If you are choosing gas fire products for an existing fireplace, check to see which venting system is currently in place. If you are choosing fireplace products for a new fireplace, please consider the differences between these three options.

Direct Vent Systems

  • Large viewing area showcases fire to entire room
  • Choice of natural gas or propane models in three sizes to fit most fireplaces
  • Adjustable heat output 
  • Closely simulate a real wood fire
  • Optional high performance blower distributes heat quickly and quietly throughout your home
  • Multiple safety features such as an oxygen depletion sensor, and thermal glass


  • More authentic and natural looking flame than vent free
  • Adjustable flame height allows for 
  • Must be installed in a fully functioning wood burning fireplace
  • Majority of heat is lost as it goes up the chimney (heat output is similar to burning wood)
  • Produces some soot which mimics a wood burning fire


  • Highly efficient, these fireplaces burn at 99.9% efficiency, so they can deliver more heat inside your home than vented gas fires
  • No chimney required,  allows for flexibility in placement of the fireplace
  • Some areas including small bedrooms, or windowless basements do not allow these style of fireplaces due to safety concerns

What to expect from your Fireplace Consultation

Here at Bromwells we have over 200 years of experience to help guide you to finding the perfect fireplace for your home. We do ask you bring measurements and pictures of your existing fireplace to help the process go smoother. 

How to Measure your fireplace

A. Measure the front width of you fireplace

B. Measure the width at the back of your fireplace

C. Measure the depth from the front to the back of your fireplace

D. Measure the height from the bottom to the top, in the front your fireplace


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