About Us

The hearth has for centuries been the center of the home. Bromwell’s is a brand committed to helping our customers continue that tradition.

We design, service and sell top quality fireplaces and accessories. We also offer distinctinve home furnishing and gifts. Our aesthetic is based on classic designs. With an understanding of the past, and an embracing of category redefining products, we are able to help our customers create spaces that will add comfort and value to their homes.

We seek the “best of class” products and price them appropriately for the market.

We help our customers make educated decisions by combining their design goals, and our product knowledge and expertise.

We create a retail experience that is multi-sensory. We show our clients the benefits and qualities of the products we sell in settings that allow them to fully appreciate both their construction, and design aspects.

Our goal is to educate, inspire and entertain our customers. We have carefully crafted a branded experience and ensure that each guest has the same level of service and experience while in our retail studio.

Showroom Photos